Labyrinth (provisional installation)

  • Costas Varotsos exhibits the Labyrinth at the Arco Gallery in Madrid in 2004.

    The square labyrinth is shaped by two meter high glass plates. Three figures appear at different points of the Labyrinth in the form of shadows, faint reminders of the Poet, Varotsos' first large-scale, three-dimensional sculpture (Nicosia) and suggest possible standing points to the viewer in this space. The material is transparent, thus allowing the diffraction and the reflection of light, a quality that helps the visitor to visually walk through the labyrinth.

    The installation stands as a challenge to the perception of the audience: the beginning and the end of the labyrinth, the correct way towards the exit is not to be found with the assistance of the body, but mainly through visual observation.

  • Location: ARCO 2004, Madrid, Spain
  • Dimensions: 10x10x2 m.
  • Materials: Glass