Future seen through the past

  • [part of the exhibition “Future seen through the past” (Benaki Museum, 29/3-31/8/2007, Athens, Greece)]

    The exhibition Future seen through the past included Costas Varotsos’ artistic interventions which were shown in two of the Benaki Museum Buildings: the exhibition spaces in the main building and the atrium of the Pireos Street Annexe. Using the main building Greek collection exhibits as his starting point, the sculptor focused on the concepts of continuity and layering in Greek history, and proposed certain points where pauses could be taken in the permanent exhibition, placing interventions that create the conditions for a fertile dialogue between historical artefact and contemporary creation. The goal of the exhibition is to create interest in the course of Greek History and to investigate how this has affected the manner in which we comprehend and experience contemporary reality. The construction made of fragments of materials suspended over the atrium at the Piraios Street Annexe, recalls the fragments of History, each of which separately and all cohesively together, commence in the past and shape the identity of our future.

  • Location: Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece